Thursday, December 4, 2014

Plants in our Environment

Plants in the Classroom

I have huge windows in my room. I hung plants in old macrame hangers in front of the windows and around the room.


Creating our Alphabet
 The children created the letters out of rope. We looked at different types of materials and they decided the rope was the best materials to create all they types of letters.
 They glued the letters on black mounting board. The rope would not stick as well as we hoped with Elmers. So, I ended up having to use hot glue.


Studio's around the school

Kindergarten room

The studio was developed with the idea of children having ample space and materials. Added the lighting to add atmosphere to the space.

 Second Grade Studio

The idea and creation of my studio was for the children to have resources on shelves that they could access easily.

Pastels, oils, and acrylics

Watercolors and pastels
Bead and wire
 I have inbuilt shelves along the back of my .classroom with glass doors. I came into this room and someone decided that they did not like the glass so they covered it up with contact paper. I scraped all the paper off the glass and developed  resource shelves.
I painted the inside of the shelves for contrast.

Sewing materials

Shelves are Organized by Color

Black and White







I like to add Famous artists books along side the art materials.

Classroom Agreements

Classroom Agreements

We compiled our agreements that we wanted to have in our classroom. The children signed them and we put it in a frame.

Hanging natural, re purposed objects, fabrics, and lights

Hanging Fabric

I love the look of hanging fabrics from the ceiling to frame an area in the classroom. I started doing this when I created a safe place in a preschool room. The idea that I could take it and use it in different areas of rooms to establish the same effect. I sometimes add lights and other times I use it with natural items. It depends on what type of statement you are wanting to make.

The ability to frame an area is great for classroom management.

Lighting through fabric 

 Lighting with fabric creates a magical element to the environment.

 Lee Elementary is an old building. The ceilings are 16 ft tall. This allows for dramatic statements and help lower the ceilings so that the room feels more intimate.

Re purposed Materials 

 I love using reusable materials to hang.

Putting several elements together create an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your room.

 I wanted to share the hangings because our ceilings are going to be lowered and the rooms will have a different feel next year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Lava Lamps and LED light

Lava Lamps

This was a cool experiment. We added water to 1/2 point of bottle. Then added a 1/2 cup of cooking oil. The children added drops of food coloring to the mixture. Have them drop the food coloring slowly and observe what is happening. Then they broke a Alka Seltzer up. They dropped it in the water and watched the bubbles and how it was affecting the food coloring. Then they put the lid on the bottle.

They put and LED light under and obseved what was happening.