Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hanging natural, re purposed objects, fabrics, and lights

Hanging Fabric

I love the look of hanging fabrics from the ceiling to frame an area in the classroom. I started doing this when I created a safe place in a preschool room. The idea that I could take it and use it in different areas of rooms to establish the same effect. I sometimes add lights and other times I use it with natural items. It depends on what type of statement you are wanting to make.

The ability to frame an area is great for classroom management.

Lighting through fabric 

 Lighting with fabric creates a magical element to the environment.

 Lee Elementary is an old building. The ceilings are 16 ft tall. This allows for dramatic statements and help lower the ceilings so that the room feels more intimate.

Re purposed Materials 

 I love using reusable materials to hang.

Putting several elements together create an aesthetically pleasing appeal to your room.

 I wanted to share the hangings because our ceilings are going to be lowered and the rooms will have a different feel next year.

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