Thursday, April 10, 2014

Documentation of the Moon Project


I have created several documentation panels. I like using PowerPoint because of my lack of fine motor skills for all the cutting and measuring. I believe that if the documentation should be thought out.
It allows me to put together quality documentation quickly by putting conversations with pictures. I create boxes around the conversations so that I can cut on the lines.

Documentation is one of the hardest parts to keep organized and up to date. I have project meetings and this is where I get most of my data. I write down conversations the children are having. I always am carrying around my camera, it is just a small one that fits in my pocket.This is a drawing from their question,"Why is the moon out during the daytime?"
I begin writing down their conversations.

After they began doing research on the question.
This is where I start documenting through their writing about their research into the questions and my questioning.
We continued to do many art, writing, and science experiments looking for the answer.

Complete Documentation Of Our Questioning


We continued this research project for 3 months.
I had the children discuss how they wanted the documentation put together. They decided they wanted the planets hung from the ceiling in order from the sun. 
I put the project together starting from the beginning about the question until the conclusion of the project.
I will continue to add great examples of documentation.

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