Thursday, April 10, 2014

MOON Question

Why is the moon out during the Day?

The children became aware of the moon was visible during the day. They became interested in finding the answer to question.

The challenge for the day was for them to develop their ideas about why.

Some of the children went to the computer and started researching.
Other children sketched their ideas.
Other wrote about their ideas.
Then one group went to the block center and began creating a model of the question.

The difference in a Reggio inspired classroom is that children can use their different languages to construct their ideas. Is this the easiest way for a teacher? No, the classroom environment is key to help children be able to use their own language. The normal 2nd grade environment does not have a block center or art center (atelier). The classroom becomes loud and active during the process. This can become a challenge within a public school. Teachers, parents, and administrators that have never experienced this style of teaching have the impression that I do not have good classroom management skills, the children are just playing, or we are not working on literacy skills. This has been my journey this year. 

What has been your experience with these challenges?he next step was setting up a provocation for their ideas about the moon being visible during the day.

We began using mirrors and flashlights to reflect and refract light,.
The children used flashlights as the sun and shined the light into the mirrors.
They sketched their ideas about the question.
This lead to the investigation on what they see in the sky? They wanted to learn more about the planets

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