Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finding my way in Public School Setting

Finding My Way in Public School Setting

Lee Team with our awesome OU interns
        Going from a school that somewhat supported Reggio Inspired to a Public School that is not completely believers in the philosophy has been challenging. I knew going in that I was going to have several obstacles.The first and most important  positive was that I had several teachers before me that fought the good fight. Patti Eaton is the most amazing person and mentor. If I could give any advice I would say find someone that has fought this fight and understands how to navigate the trenches and will support you even when everyone else is saying that your not teaching the children the skills they need.
I found another lady that is quite amazing as well. Sally Haughey  founder of Fairy Dust teaching and co-worker. I have several other ladies that I would like to recognize that has helped me in so many ways, Crystal Cathey, Tina Henke, Jennifer Dean, Jennifer Caldwell. I am blessed to call these women my friends as well as the most amazing co-workers ever.

The second  obstacle was I was hired and able to work on my environment a week  before school started. I was definitely in panic mode. So I went into a dismal classroom and set it up the way I think a primary class should be set up. The most important trait to take into this situation was to be confident about I was doing and be able to discuss the research with authority. Many teachers that teach more traditionally do not understand the concept and are afraid because of the testing. I went in with the knowledge and confidence but was also humble to take advice from the veteran teachers. They have abundant knowledge and you do not want to ostracize them  with being over confident or sound smug or arrogant. Sometimes you just have to take it slow and easy. Overtime you can win over your worst critics. I met my partner in crime Ms. Stephens that taught more traditionally but was open to new ideas. She helped me in so many ways to get up to speed on 2nd grade. She helped me map out our curriculum and develop a plan of what needed to be taught throughout the year. I took her advice and implemented or changed up some of the items and have had great success this year.There are so many things to learn the first year you take on a new position. Don't fill like you have to conquer the world but have a plan and keep moving forward.

That's enough of my advice. I will start to document my year soon. I have some things up now and hope you will take a look and comment. 

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