Thursday, April 10, 2014

Timeline Documentation

History of Flight on Time line

Time Line Documentation

          I was walking down the hall and saw the greatest documentation using a timeline. Mrs. Caldwell's 1st grade classroom was working on research about flight. Her documentation had great elements that made it so great. She put the work on foam board and glued different lids and boxes to the back for a 3-D effect. It made her documentation POP!
It was hard getting quality pictures of the whole time line because it was about 20 feet long and ft. tall. So, try to imagine it in a straight line. The time line was created  is on top and children's documentation is on the bottom.

Creating Timeline

The children did research on flight. They documented with pictures, drawing, and their writings. They noticed there was a sequence to how flight occurred through time. They wrote the dates and put them in order and added their research during the time frame it occurred.
The children added so many details.

You can really see the 3-d effect of the pictures from the side view.

The ability for first graders to do this quality of work is outstanding. They learned so many concepts about literacy, math, science, and social studies. Incorporating all the subject areas into a project that interests of the children takes them to that higher level of thinking. 

The documentation of the children's work was amazing!   

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