Thursday, April 10, 2014

Questioning leads to more Questions

Questions Lead to New Questions

They students took the questions and began wondering about things that are found in Outer Space.

They began creating Power Points to document their learning about the planets. They wanted to create the planets, meteors
, asteroids, sun, constellations.

We began discussing how they wanted to create their planets.
They choose to make them with yarn.

I found different sizes of balloons.
They inflated them and began wrapping the yarn around the balloon.
Then made modge podge from a recipe (find on Pinterest).
They used large paintbrushes to put the glue on the balloon.
Tip: Make sure yarn is not to thick or the glue will not penetrate and it will collapse
They popped the balloon and added a paperclip to hang from the ceiling.

The sun they used yellow water color on a paper lantern. We added a light inside.


Arts Bring Research to a Whole New Level  

The students as they were creating their planets. Discussed why they choose colors and sizes. The students that were working on Mars had the most amazing discussions about color. The top of the planet has white because Mars has polar ice caps. The red and orange was for iron oxide that makes the planet appear red.
The grey and brown represented the rock since it is a rocky planet. The ability to incorporate arts into their research enables them to explain what they are learning.

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